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Thanks to all who participated in the 42nd Annual Oregon Homebrew Festival.

There were 184 entries judged and 83 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Score sheets are now available! To download, log into your account and scroll down to the 'Entries' section. For each entry, select the 'Abobe PDF' icon to initiate download.

PLEASE READ: Do you have more ribbons and metals than you know what to do with? In an effort help reduce waste, carbon emissions and costs were leaving the decision to receive award ribbons to you. If you placed and would like to receive your ribbons please drop us a note (You can use this link! If link doesn't work, send an email to with your request by June 3rd. Thanks!

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stRodney KibzeyFalse Summit Pils5D: German PilsOregon Brew Crew
2ndDavid JamesBeholder33B: Specialty Wood-Aged BeerCascade Brewers Society
3rdMichael MoodyPuppy Power21B7: New England IPA

Winning Entries

Table 1: Standard American Beer (5 entries)

1stJacob LewandowskiWheaton Crusher1D: American Wheat BeerMid Columbia Zymurgy Association
2ndMarc HaydenLite Bier1A: American Light LagerStrange Brew Homebrew Club
3rdAdam LundPoopity Poop Face1A: American Light LagerHigh Street Homebrew Club

Table 2: International Lager (9 entries)

1stJim ThompsonBagshot Row Pilsner2A: International Pale LagerOregon Brew Crew
2ndMike BrantRice Lager2A: International Pale LagerHeart Of The Valley
3rdDave JohnsonHouse Lager2A: International Pale LagerStrange Brew Homebrew Club

Table 3: Czech Lager (9 entries)

1stMichael GwynnPečeně3D: Czech Dark LagerCascade Brewers Society
2ndDavid JamesPilsners Arent Supposed To Be Complex3A: Czech Pale LagerCascade Brewers Society
3rdAdam LundI Farted And My House Blew Up3B: Czech Premium Pale LagerHigh Street Homebrew Club

Table 4: Pale Malty European Lager (5 entries)

1stDaniel WaymanCwb Helles Bock4A: Munich HellesHellgate Homebrewers
2ndJeremy JonesEostre4C: Helles Bock
3rdScott SlaterOregon Helles4A: Munich Helles

Table 5: Pale Bitter European Beer (8 entries)

1stRodney KibzeyFalse Summit Pils5D: German PilsOregon Brew Crew
2ndJim ThompsonLola5D: German PilsOregon Brew Crew
3rdDarr KloggerWitch Hunt5B: KolschGeneva A-lers

Table 6: Amber Malty European Lager (5 entries)

1stDavid JamesPillar Of Autumn 6C: Dunkels BockCascade Brewers Society
2ndJosh ByeLocality: O H6B: Rauchbier
3rdMarc HaydenThe Goat6C: Dunkels BockStrange Brew Homebrew Club

Table 7: Amber Bitter European Beer (10 entries)

1stRussell BergerBeer Drink Energy7A: Vienna LagerPortland Brewers Collective
2ndJoe D'AuriaHelen's Keller7C: Kellerbier Metro South Homebrew League (MASH HOLES)
3rdDaniela Yovine
Co-Brewer: Gabriel Fusca
Vienna Lager7A: Vienna LagerNorth Seattle Homebrew Club

Table 8: Dark European Lager (6 entries)

1stAdam LundOops I Shit My Pants8B: SchwarzbierHigh Street Homebrew Club
2ndBreck LindauerEmperor Strikes Bach8B: Schwarzbier
3rdDavid JamesThe Night Is Dark, And Full Of Terroir8B: SchwarzbierCascade Brewers Society

Table 9: Strong European Beer (6 entries)

1stMark RockwoodIf At First You Don't Succeed....9A: Doppelbock Cascade Brewers Society
2ndChristopher Hohman
Co-Brewer: Derek Ellis Brian Baker Dan Rickli
Doppelbockadoodledoo9A: Doppelbock Heart Of The Valley
3rdChristopher Hohman
Co-Brewer: Derek Ellis Brian Baker Dan Rickli
Bock-Sicle9B: EisbockHeart Of The Valley

Table 10: German Wheat Beer (6 entries)

1stRodney KibzeyBitezenbock10C: Weizenbock Oregon Brew Crew
2ndMatt HabjanHoney Hefe10A: Weissbier
3rdTrevor Alcorn
Co-Brewer: Jeffrey Alcorn
Desert Dweller Dunkelweiss10B: Dunkels Weissbier

Table 11: British/Irish Pale, Red and Brown Ales (8 entries)

1stDave JohnsonDawg's Esb11C: Strong BitterStrange Brew Homebrew Club
2ndMatthew Hendrick
Co-Brewer: Conor O'Sullivan
Conor's Choice15A: Irish Red AleCapitol Brewers
3rdJohn ErsteCitra Island IPA12C: English IPALittle Mountain Homebrewers Association

Table 12: Strong Scottish and British Beers (5 entries)

1stBreck LindauerOld Af17B: Old Ale
2ndJeff OngTreacle-Down Economics17B: Old AlePortland Brewers Collective
3rdBrady GilchristWinter Warmer14B: Scottish Heavy

Table 13: Stouts (8 entries)

1stBrady GilchristShannon Stout16B: Oatmeal Stout
2ndJason BarkerGuinness This Ain't15B: Irish StoutOregon Brew Crew
3rdJeff OngBy The Numbers20C: Imperial StoutPortland Brewers Collective

Table 14: American Pale, Amber, and Brown Ales (10 entries)

1stDaniel WaymanCwb Fiery Redhead19A: American Amber AleHellgate Homebrewers
2ndPhillip FellinDeebo's Deuce Pale Ale18B: American Pale AleAdmiral Brewing Community
3rdRodney KibzeyMichigander Chinook18B: American Pale AleOregon Brew Crew

Table 15: IPA (20 entries)

1stMichael MoodyPuppy Power21B7: New England IPA
2ndMike BrantDistraction IPA21A: American IPAHeart Of The Valley
3rdJohn HosierHoly Trinity IPA21A: American IPAStrange Brew Homebrew Club

Table 16: Strong American Ale (3 entries)

1stMichael MoodyTwinkle Toes22A: Double IPA
2ndDaniel WaymanCwb Barleywine22C: American BarleywineHellgate Homebrewers
3rdJeff OngCascadian Dark Barleywine22C: American BarleywinePortland Brewers Collective

Table 17: European Sour Ale (5 entries)

1stDavid JamesBisquick 23D: LambicCascade Brewers Society
2ndAdam LundButtface McGee23B: Flanders Red AleHigh Street Homebrew Club

Table 18: Belgian Ale (4 entries)

1stScott NieradkaWithout Pants24C: Biere de Garde Oregon Brew Crew
2ndCorrie Heath
Co-Brewer: Michele Lish
Blaze Me A Sun24A: WitbierOregon Brew Crew
3rdTrevor Alcorn
Co-Brewer: Jeffrey Alcorn
Mass Of The Ages Belgian Witbier24A: Witbier

Table 19: Strong Belgian Ale (5 entries)

1stSlade WolfA Baffling Beauty 25A: Belgian Blond Ale
2ndJohn Arends
Co-Brewer: Garrett Arends
3711/3724 Saison25B: Saison Knights of the Tap Handle
3rdMike BrantOrange Blossom Saison25B: Saison Heart Of The Valley

Table 20: Trappist Ale (8 entries)

1stKiley Gwynn#quadgoals26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleCascade Brewers Society
2ndRodney KibzeyPdx Extra26A: Trappist SingleOregon Brew Crew
3rdMarc HaydenDark Arts26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleStrange Brew Homebrew Club

Table 21: American Wild and Fruit Beers (6 entries)

1stBrian BakerBrett, You've Got It Going On28A: Brett Beer Heart Of The Valley
2ndMichael MoodyDog Paddle28C: Wild Specialty Beer
3rdDavid JamesWildish Farmhouse28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Cascade Brewers Society

Table 22: Smoked and Spiced Beers (7 entries)

1stMarc Hayden
Co-Brewer: Ted Hausotter
Camping Wine32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer Strange Brew Homebrew Club
2ndArmand SchoppyCoco Porter30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Heart Of The Valley
3rdKiley GwynnMorning Ritual 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Cascade Brewers Society

Table 23: Wood Beer (10 entries)

1stDavid JamesBeholder33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Cascade Brewers Society
2ndRodney KibzeyLa Medra33A: Wood-Aged Beer Oregon Brew Crew
3rdKiley GwynnUp, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start 33A: Wood-Aged Beer Cascade Brewers Society

Table 24: Standard Cider and Perry (8 entries)

1stMichael GwynnCider Makers...BlendC1A: New World CiderCascade Brewers Society
2ndTom ForneyTom's French CiderC1C: French CiderHeart Of The Valley
3rdAdam LundFarts Are FlammableC1A: New World CiderHigh Street Homebrew Club

Table 25: Specialty Cider and Perry (4 entries)

1stTom ForneyTom's Apple Pear CiderC2B: Cider with Other Fruit Heart Of The Valley
2ndTom ForneyTom's Special CiderC2F: Specialty Cider/Perry Heart Of The Valley
3rdJeff MichnaCherry ChapstickC2B: Cider with Other Fruit Cascade Brewers Society

Table 26: Meads (4 entries)

1stBrian McBethOrange You Glad I Entered This MeadM1C: Sweet MeadCascade Brewers Society
2ndTaylor GeerBraggot, Tag It... M4A: BraggotHappy Babies
3rdAdam LundSmells Like Hoppy Pee Pee LiquidM3B: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead High Street Homebrew Club