Thanks to all who participated in the Oregon Homebrew Festival.

There were 276 entries judged and 113 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
2ndRon HallBeavanator9A: DoppelbockHeart of the Valley Homebrewers
3rdKaren HansStill Raining Stout16A: Sweet StoutHOTV

Best of Show – Mead

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stJake FreshourOb-SessionM1B: Semi-Sweet MeadOregon Brew Crew

Winning Entries

Table 1: 01 - Standard American Beer (8 entries)

1stMike FitzpatrickCamp Confluence Cream Ale1C: Cream Ale
2ndScott Nieradka
Co-Brewer: Alex Parise
Hamms And Cheese1B: American Lager
3rdMike FitzpatrickPotable Water1B: American Lager

Table 2: 02 & 03 - International & Czech Lager (10 entries)

1stTed MartinezCzech Please3B: Czech Premimum Pale Lager
2ndEric MetcalfGold Medal Lager2A: International Pale Lager
3rdCharles MacalusoMy Kansas Rose3A: Czech Pale Lager

Table 4: 04 - Pale Malty European Lager (7 entries)

1stTed MartinezHell With You Randy4A: Munich Helles
2ndCharles MacalusoDarlene4A: Munich Helles
3rdTed MartinezHellesbock4C: Helles Bock

Table 5: 05 - Pale Bitter European Beer (14 entries)

1stJake FreshourLight Bier5A: German Leichtbier
2ndRussell BergerAlso Trank Zarathustra5D: German Pils
3rdTed Martinez
Co-Brewer: Ted Hausotter
TnT 5D: German Pils

Table 6: 06 - Amber, Malty European Lager (5 entries)

1stMichael GwynnValley On Fire6B: Rauchbier
2ndSteve SchlittFyrestone6B: Rauchbier
3rdDan StrawnStrawnfest6A: Marzen

Table 8: 08 - Dark European Lager (4 entries)

1stJake FreshourBlack Bier8B: Schwarzbier
2ndDan Rickli
Co-Brewer: Chris Hohman, Scott Austin
For A Good Time Call Armand...8B: Schwarzbier
3rdScott Nieradka
Co-Brewer: Alex Parise
Chica Cherry Cola8A: Munich Dunkel

Table 9: 09 - Strong European Lager (5 entries)

1stRon HallBeavanator9A: Doppelbock
2ndDoug BallouDoctor Double Bock9A: Doppelbock
3rdRussell BergerToccata And Fugue9A: Doppelbock

Table 10: 10 - German Wheat Beer (4 entries)

1stRussell BergerFur Elise10A: Weissbier
2ndDan StrawnBanana Rama10A: Weissbier
3rdTyson ShroyerWeizenbock10C: Weizenbock

Table 11: 11 & 12 - English Bitters & Pale English Beer (5 entries)

1stJeff MuseCerise11B: Best Bitter
2ndJeff MuseReuben11C: Strong Bitter
3rdScott CollinsSavoy Special11B: Best Bitter

Table 13: 13 - Brown English Beer (8 entries)

1stDan ShultsBoomhauer Porter13C: English Porter
2ndJennifer AldermanNo More IPAs!13A: Dark Mild
3rdDan ShultsBrown Town13B: English Brown Ale

Table 14: 14 - Scottish Ale (6 entries)

1stKyle KoskelaWee Heavy Wing14B: Scottish Heavy
2ndJim ThompsonTwenty Crowns14C: Scottish Export
3rdJeff MuseScot Free14C: Scottish Export

Table 15: 15 - Irish Beer (8 entries)

1stLen HallockHavanutha Irish Extra Stout15C: Irish Extra Stout
2ndKyle KoskelaBrake Dust Stout15B: Irish Stout
3rdBrandon Kilpatrick
Co-Brewer: Roxanne Kilpatrick
Irish Red15A: Irish Red Ale

Table 16: 16 - Dark British Beer (6 entries)

1stKaren HansStill Raining Stout16A: Sweet Stout
2ndDaniel Wayman
Co-Brewer: Darrick Wayman
CWB Oatmeal Stout16B: Oatmeal Stout
3rdMike FitzpatrickOatmeal Stout16B: Oatmeal Stout

Table 17: 17 - Strong British Ale (13 entries)

1stSpencer WilliamsOh, Jolly Good17A: English Strong Ale
2ndCharles MacalusoAll Systems Go17D: English Barleywine
3rdCharles MacalusoMcMarion17C: Wee Heavy

Table 18: 18 - Pale American Ale (9 entries)

1stMitch RybackiCrown & Feather Brew Co: As A Feather, Light18A: Blonde Ale
2ndDan ShultsAle Pale18B: American Pale Ale
3rdBrandon HustonCitromic Bomb18B: American Pale Ale

Table 19: 19 - Amber and Brown American Beer (7 entries)

1stDaniel Wayman
Co-Brewer: Darrick Wayman
CWB Fiery Red Head19A: American Amber Ale
2ndDan Rickli
Co-Brewer: Mark Weisel Et Al.
Co-Solvent Brown19C: American Brown Ale
3rdLen HallockHavanutha Amber Ale19A: American Amber Ale

Table 20: 20 - American Porter and Stout (16 entries)

1stCharles MacalusoParche Black Ops 20C: Imperial Stout
2ndEric BinderPorter20A: American Porter
3rdMike FitzpatrickBlack Hawk Stout20B: American Stout

Table 21: 21 - IPA (35 entries)

1stSteve WilsonStraight Outta My Backyard21A: American IPA
2ndAdam LundJuicy IPA21B: Specialty IPA
3rdDanielle Raiche
Co-Brewer: Kody Green, David Raiche
IRA21B: Specialty IPA

Table 22: 22 - Strong American Ale (11 entries)

1stDaniel Wayman
Co-Brewer: Debbi Wayman
CWB Barleywine22C: American Barleywine
2ndMike BrantHead Over Heels22A: Double IPA
3rdIan CameronBarley ’1822C: American Barleywine

Table 23: 23 - European Sour Ale (5 entries)

1stArmand SchoppyLong Shot23B: Flanders Red Ale
2ndMichael DeweyA Red House Over Yonder23B: Flanders Red Ale
3rdJordan FolksFlaaaaaanders23B: Flanders Red Ale

Table 24: 24 - Belgian Ale (6 entries)

1stMichael Neuman
Co-Brewer: Hotv Club
Michael Neuman24C: Biere de Garde
2ndJon CampbellWitty Humor24A: Witbier
3rdAndy JohnsonBelgian Pale24B: Belgian Pale Ale

Table 25: 25 - Strong Belgian Ale (10 entries)

1stRussell BergerLa Saison Du Printemps25B: Saison
2ndJustin BradleyLa Ferme25B: Saison
3rdJim ThompsonSisyphus Saison25B: Saison

Table 26: 26 - Trappist Ale (15 entries)

1stJohn Golomski
Co-Brewer: Tanner Helt
Black Monk26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2ndPatrick Gorman
Co-Brewer: Armand Schoppy
Tweedledee26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
3rdTed MartinezStairway26C: Belgian Tripel

Table 27: 27 - Historical Beer (5 entries)

1stJake FreshourGoes-Ah27A: Historical Beer
2ndSpencer WilliamsRand Paul’s Neighbor’s Lawnmower Beer27A: Historical Beer
3rdJennifer HohenseeRye-Zing27A: Historical Beer

Table 28: 28 - American Wild Ale (12 entries)

1stArmand SchoppyLong Shot II28C: Wild Specialty Beer
2ndMichael DeweyTwilight Terroir 28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
3rdJordan FolksDrink A Peach28C: Wild Specialty Beer

Table 29: 29 - Fruit Beer (3 entries)

1stSamuel BarfieldSpring Thing29A: Fruit Beer
2ndCharles MacalusoBarrel Of Mounds29A: Fruit Beer
3rdArmand SchoppyCherry Bomb29A: Fruit Beer

Table 30: 30 - Spiced Beer (6 entries)

1stSpencer WilliamsSweet Heat30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndJennifer AldermanC Is For Cookie30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdJake FreshourHawaiian Punch30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Table 32: 32 - Smoked Beer (2 entries)

1stJennifer AldermanHazy Night32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer
2ndJennifer HohenseeMonster Dunk32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer

Table 33: 33 - Wood Beer (11 entries)

1stCharles Macaluso
Co-Brewer: Jim Thompson
Bourbon Dark Chocolate Barleywine33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
2ndSpencer WilliamsSamsquantch33A: Wood-Aged Beer
3rdMike FitzpatrickOak Stout33A: Wood-Aged Beer

Table 34: 34 - Specialty Beer (8 entries)

1stJake FreshourLorella Pils34C: Experimental Beer
2ndMatthew HibbsJalapeno Pineapple Pizza Pilsner34C: Experimental Beer
3rdSpencer WilliamsOops!34C: Experimental Beer

Table 35: C1 & C2 - Cider and Perry (8 entries)

1stMark HardinSpiced Mulled CiderC2E: Cider with Herbs/Spices
2ndAdam LundPractice Saf CiderC1A: New World Cider
3rdAdam LundNewtown Funk You UpC2F: Specialty Cider/Perry

Table 37: M1, M2, M3 & M4 - Mead (4 entries)

1stJake FreshourOb-SessionM1B: Semi-Sweet Mead